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    ENCORD Ageing Society Workshop October 2010

    November 10th, 2010

    ENCORD Ageing Society Workshop | 26-27 October 2010 | Munich/Holzkirchen, Germany

    Europe is faced with a number of major societal challenges, including the ageing population.

    With a view to achieve the EU 2020 objective of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the European Commission has launched the “Innovation Union”. It sets out a strategic approach to Innovation, driven by the highest political level and introduces the new concept of “European Innovation Partnership” (EIP) with a pilot case on “Active and Healthy Ageing”.

    The joint workshop IMPROVING ECONOMY IN AN AGING SOCIETY BY ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION under the umbrella of ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform), ENCORD (European Network for Construction Research and Development) and ISG (International Society for Gerontechnology) brought together experts from the fields of building/construction, sociology, psychology and economy to discuss the link between the Ageing Society, the Economy and Construction in a Read the rest of this entry »