27th meeting ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform April 2014

The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their 27th (twenty-seventh) meeting on 14 and 15 April 2014 at Microsoft’s headoffice in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. The work-shop was organized by Royal BAM Group and Ballast Nedam in collaboration with Microsoft.

The main topics of the meeting were:
• Microsoft – Construction Industry introduction – Impact of technology
• Big Data & Smart Buildings
• Innovation streamlining
• Microsoft hardware in construction
• New Way of Working environment (visit MS office)
• Visit Ballast Nedam Building Site – Hilton Schiphol Hotel
• Best Practices / What’s new presentations by participants

The first day of the ENCORD VCP meeting was well cared for by Microsoft. Several speakers from Microsoft presented their view on the role of Microsoft’s software, hardware and services in the construction sector. Topics like big data, smart buildings, facility management, cloud computing, devices for use in engineering and construction and innovation management using tok! on top of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform were presented. Menno de Jonge from Ballast Nedam talked about the Plug & Play Core stadium concept which was delivered using the tok! formula.

The second day of the ENCORD VCP meeting started at Microsoft’s office with a number of Best Practice / What’s new presentations, which were presented by 8 of the 10 present ENCORD member companies. The presentations were alternated with a workshop on determining the 3 main technologies that will influence our BIM implementations and how these three technologies will be influenced indirectly.
In the afternoon we moved our meeting to the project site of the Schiphol Hilton Hotel which is being built by Ballast Nedam. After an introduction about the Schiphol Hilton Hotel project we continued with the remaining Best Practice / What’s new presentations. For the interested members a tour through the Schiphol Hilton Hotel project was provided by Ballast Nedam.

For this meeting we invited 2 external guests: Microsoft and ETTU.

Thank you
ENCORD VCP would like to thank the host BAM, Ballast Nedam and Microsoft for making this meeting possible. Of course we would also like to thank Microsoft and Ballast Nedam for making available a meeting location and catering for the meeting.