11th ENCORD Lean Construction Workshop April 2015

The Lean Construction work group had its 11th meeting in Goteburg, April 20-21, hosted by NCC.

The main topics of the meeting were:

– Implementation of lean at NCC.

– Some questions were discussed during the meeting:

• How do you know lean works?
• How do people feel the better work environment?
• How do you get the site to declare defects/problems?
• How do you improve your own way of working?
• How do you encourage collaboration / communication?
• How do you describe your process?
• Is Last Planner standard?
• Do you have a system of continuous improvement?
• To what extent are the subcontractors involved in LP?
• How VDC / BIM is integrated?
• What was a special point or event that changed your mind?
• How do you recognize the improvement of design/quality?

Next meeting:

Next Lean Construction meeting which will be hosted by STRABAG SE in Vienna, April 2016.