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    ENCORD Health and Safety Workshop

    March 2010 | London, UK

    18 people from 10 ENCORD member companies (plus SKANSKA) held a workshop in London, 9th March 2010 to evaluate the benefits that could be gained from using the ENCORD network for driving improvements in Health and Safety. The host was Dr. Rennie Chadwick, VINCI Construction UK.

    The construction workforce across EU countries totals approximately 20 million people – equivalent to the whole population of a medium sized country in the EU. Statistically, each construction worker entering the industry at 20 years of age and working for 20 years currently has a 100% chance of being injured by an accident at work (source: ENCORD Council members, meeting February 2009).
    Most of the accidents or fatalities could be avoidable.

    Scope of the Workshop
    Each of the participants shared current performance data and initiatives.  A more detailed presentation of the Balfour Beatty initiative ‘Zero Harm’ was given by John Dunne.  Fred Garner and Terry Penketh of VINCI provided an insight to the VINCI health and safety management system and its application on the King’s Cross railroad station project, including many examples of how to implement the system in a challenging and large scale project.

    The participants debated the areas available for constructive collaboration and identified:
    –    There is no existing group that facilitates collaboration for improvement in health & safety for the major European contractors and such a group would be of benefit to participants.
    –    There was benefit to be gained from collaborating on Health and Safety, using the ENCORD network.
    –    The terms of reference / “modus operandi” for this collaborating group should be based on benchmarking, learning and lobbying.

    Next steps include
    –    An analysis of the different performance measurement approaches, to enable the start of the benchmarking process
    –    Examples of construction plant and equipment that, through its normal operation, posed a health & safety risk (MEWPS, telehandlers and tower cranes were identified as possibilities during this workshop).
    –    Drafting a ‘charter’ or “modus operandi” document for the activities of the group, to which all the participants had agreed and promoted within the senior management of their company.
    –    An insight to the health and safety initiatives taken by the host companies.

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