8th ENCORD Lean Construction Workshop October 2013

The Lean Construction work group had its 8th meeting in Duisburg, 8-9th of October, hosted by Hochtief and Cai Von Velsen. The aim for the meeting was to focus on Lean leadership as this is perceived as one of the most important factors when starting the transformation towards Lean construction. The objectives for the meeting was to find a definition of what Lean leadership is and in what respect that differs from other leadership.

There were interesting presentations on the topic followed by a workshop having a deeper dialog trying to identify characteristics for leadership as well as lean leadership. Highlights from presentations are:

  • Corporate culture and teamwork – essential ingredients
  • Common goals
  • Foundations of lean – cooperation and leadership
  • “Every manager is a coach – we do not have traditional managers anymore”
  • No blame culture – failures are not ever individuals
  • Lean just do not happen – it is a matter of shift in mind-set
  • Lean is not about process it is about people
  • All leaders – Go to Gemba
  • Lean leadership is about getting people leading their own processes
  • Lean Coaches and lean managers to train and support

 At the 9th of October the construction site of new administrative building at Düsseldorf airpor was visited. 

 The conclusions and topics for next meeting are:

  • Engagement in supply-chain –  Suppliers involvement
  • Client engagement
  • Define characteristics / behavior
  • Why do we have difficulties to reach managers – How to reach “sticky middle“
  • Means to how to reach managers
  • Stories of success
  • Levels of trust – How we measure trust?
  • How to link lean to balance score card?
  • Which CPI for lean are the rights?

Thank you
Encord would like to thank the host Hochtief, for making this excellent meeting and the site visit possible.

Next meeting
Next meeting will be hosted by Hilti 2-3rd of April in Lichtenstein.