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    ENCORD News

    November 12th, 2015

    Find below some information on the life within ENCORD – workshops, Council meetings, etc. Enjoy your look around!

    Transport Research Arena (TRA2016), 18-21 April 2016 in Warsaw. Registration is open.

    November 12th, 2015

    TRA2016 (Transport Research Arena) will take place on 18-21 April 2016 in Warsaw. The TRA is the most important European conference on transport research, focusing on all of the research fields of the transport system. The conference’s topics address the main challenges in transport and mobility of people and goods, with respect to energy, environment, safety and security and the economy issues. Results of the latest research on: road, rail, waterborne, cross-modal transport and airports will be presented and discussed on the Arena.

    The topics of the conference are: Read the rest of this entry »

    OECD Publishes New Reports on Research & Innovation

    November 10th, 2015

    The OECD has recently published the following reports in the field of Research & Innovation: 

    Data-Driven Innovation – Big data for Growth and well-being published on 6 October 2015


    The OECD Innovation Strategy 2015: “The Innovation Imperative – Contributing to Productivity, Growth and Well-Being” published on 14 October 2015 Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Council Meeting October 2015 at ITER project

    October 7th, 2015

    The ENCORD Council Meeting was held on 5-6 October 2015 at ITER project in Cadarache, France. 14 participants from 12 member companies attended the meeting.

    The main themes taken up in the meeting were:

    - Presentation of ITER: General presentation of the ITER project, ITER Organization, explanation about thermonuclear fusion, industrial organization, with a focus on logistic and heavy transports by a representative of ITER Organization.

    - Presentation of Tokamak: Presentation of the Tokamak project under its civil works aspects, by Frederic Sciblo, Vinci-Ferrovial site manager, and Oriol Ribas. Focus on the engineering dimensions and management of the permanent redefinition of the project.

    - Site visit to the ITER project: ITER is Read the rest of this entry »

    Call for experts – EeB-CA2

    August 28th, 2015

    Submissions are invited to become a member of the EeB-CA2 expert group.

    EeB-CA2 is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) which aims at providing the right set of instruments, supporting technology-clustering and geo-clustering upon the whole set of EeB PPP EC-funded projects. Its primary ambition consists in enhancing and rationalising coordinated and broader dissemination, technology transfer and future exploitation activities of clustered projects, so as to help them better promoting and marketing their achievements and deliverables. Further details on the project website at http://www.e2b-clusters.eu/.

    The aim of this call is to setup a group of high-level experts from outside the EeB PPP EC-funded projects to support the following EeB-CA2 activities: Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Health and Safety Workshop April 2015

    August 27th, 2015

    The ENCORD Health and Safety working group met 20th and 21st April 2015 in Amstetten (Austria), and was hosted by Doka.

    11 participants from 9 companies attended the workshop.

    The meeting included:

    - Presentation by participants;
    - Presentation of best practice examples including discussion;
    - Presentation of the participant’s H&S data according to the ENCORD KPI guide;
    - Safety@Doka event.

    Thank you
    ENCORD would like to thank the host Doka and especially Dr. Ludwig (Board Member DOKA), Johann Peneder, Helmut Weißengruber and their team for hosting this excellent and very well organized meeting and Safety@Doka event at the exhibition room.

    Next meeting
    The next ENCORD Health & Safety Platform meeting will be hosted by Strabag/ Züblin on 6th/7th April 2016 hosted by Strabag/Züblin in Germany.

    29th meeting ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform April 2014

    May 2nd, 2015

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their 29th meeting on 13-14 April 2015 in Paris, France. The workshop was organized by Vinci.

    The topic for the meeting was “Real time construction project control”:

    • Best practices and input from the ENCORD Companies.
    • Guest speakers for solution providers: ERP, Planning, Estimation, Logistic domains.
    • Link to innovative startups (location houses many innovative companies).
    • Supply Chain Management speaker.
    • Visit to one of the biggest building sites in Paris.

    Some topics were discussed:

    - What benefits do we seek?
    - What is really working , what is not?
    - Do we mean the same things, is the complexity understood?
    - Can model data actually evolve?
    - How involved is the supply chain?
    - What are lessons learned to things work?
    - What are solution directions various software vendors seek?

    Thank you
    ENCORD VCP would like to thank the host Vinci for making this excellent meeting possible.

    Next meeting:
    October 2015, hosted by NCC in Sweden.

    11th ENCORD Lean Construction Workshop April 2015

    May 2nd, 2015

    The Lean Construction work group had its 11th meeting in Goteburg, April 20-21, hosted by NCC.

    The main topics of the meeting were:

    - Implementation of lean at NCC.

    - Some questions were discussed during the meeting:

    • How do you know lean works?
    • How do people feel the better work environment?
    • How do you get the site to declare defects/problems?
    • How do you improve your own way of working?
    • How do you encourage collaboration / communication?
    • How do you describe your process?
    • Is Last Planner standard?
    • Do you have a system of continuous improvement?
    • To what extent are the subcontractors involved in LP?
    • How VDC / BIM is integrated?
    • What was a special point or event that changed your mind?
    • How do you recognize the improvement of design/quality?

    Next meeting:

    Next Lean Construction meeting which will be hosted by STRABAG SE in Vienna, April 2016.



    April 22nd, 2015

    CONSTANCE, MAY 4th – 5th
    Click to download flyer and program:
    5Di conference 2015


    We are pleased to announce the third international Lake Constance 5D Conference, which aims to combine strategic approaches towards 5D implementation with practical insights and experiences like never before.
    To allow you the most valuable insights based on your personal background and challenges, the sessions and workshops are clustered in three main target groups: owners, planners and construction companies. For each target group we have interesting and ambitious speakers that share their experiences in challenging the status quo.
    Individual contributions address a wide range of issues, including practical implementation of 5D processes, the coordination of trades, on site issues and construction, legal aspects and facility management.
    These topics will also be analysed in-depth during breakout sessions and workshops.
    If you want to gain from this broad spectrum of informative sessions and interesting workshops, as well as expand your international 5D network, we kindly invite you to take this opportunity.
    Please subscribe quickly, as seats are limited.


    5D in construction processes Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Environmental Sustainability Meeting March 2015

    April 2nd, 2015

    The ENCORD Environmental Sustainability met on 11 March 2015 in Stuttgard, Germany. The workshop was organized by Zublin / Strabag.

    The meeting included:

    - Züblin / Strabag’s presentation.
    - GRI 4, Integrated Reporting, CDP: influencing policy, ratings and rankings.
    - The new EU directive on non-financial reporting coming up: what does that mean for our companies.
    - The new EU commission sustainability strategy, Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s) and COP Paris 2015: how will that translate to our business development and innovation.
    - EU Pilot project – Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) by Dr David Harget (Uponor)

    Thank you
    ENCORD VCP would like to thank the host Zublin / Strabag for making this excellent meeting possible.

    ENCORD Council Meeting March 2015

    March 15th, 2015

    The ENCORD Council Meeting was held on 2-3 March 2015 in Farringdon Facilities in London, UK. 22 participants from 17 member companies attended the meeting.

    The meeting included:

    - Welcome by the President of ENCORD.
    - ENCORD: Towards the Future. “Open innovation network for the European construction Industry”:
    - Infrastructures in ENCORD/TRA. Updating reFINE initiative.
    - BIM standards at CEN.
    - Update ENCORD workshops: H&S.
    - Future collaboration between ENCORD & World Economic Forum (WEF).
    - Site Visit: Farringdon station.

    FLo 018

    - ENCORD – upcoming meetings Read the rest of this entry »

    Transport Research Arena Conference -TRA 2016

    March 9th, 2015


    Transport Research Arena 2016 – The most important transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders:  researchers, experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

    Transport Research Arena Conference -TRA 2016 will take place in Warsaw, from 18th to 21st  April 2016.

    We strongly believe that an efficient and sustainable mobility of people and goods can only be achieved by a close co-operation between research and industry. The synergy between these two fields of activity is an asset that we have to wisely use for the benefit of our citizens. TRA 2016 aims at getting science, research and industry closer to each other and pointing out challenges and opportunities they can efficiently face together.

    TRA2016 Conference will contribute to innovation in sustainable mobility for Europe, by bringing together all the stakeholders of the transport system. Efficient mobility is a key issue for policy makers. Enabling the free movement of people and goods is crucial to economic prosperity and quality of life.

    The main theme of TRA 2016 is – MOVING FORWARD Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility.

    TRA 2016 seeks to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the transport sector and, for this reason, addresses all stakeholders in both the public and private sectors and all professionals, regardless of their roles (researchers, practitioners, designers, constructors, operators, administrators, policy makers etc.).

    An international Exhibition trade will take place during the TRA 2016 at the Conference Centre at National Stadium in Warsaw.

    Please find linked below the Call for Abstracts in view of the TRA 2016:


    It is therefore waited that a lot of contributions on Infrastructures are introduced by our community to this event.

    Abstracts are due by March 30, 2015.

    FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2015 (FIRM15), 22nd-23rd April 2015

    February 9th, 2015

    With less than three months to go to the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2015 (FIRM15) on 22-23rd April 2015, now is the time to book your seat!

    Click here to register for FIRM15, which features the theme  of  “Innovative maintenance of Transport Infrastructure. Faster, cheaper, more reliable, safer, greener“. This key event will be held in English and cost 150 Euros per person (for two  days conference, exhibition entrance and cocktail).

    It will gather some 120 transport infrastructure innovation and research experts, including European and national policy makers, leading industry, standardisation agencies, SME’s and the media. FIRM15 will feature multiple information sessions on the following themes.  

    1) Infrastructure level: Engineering and technical solutions 
    2) System level: Maintenance operations including monitoring inspections
    3) Governance level: management and financial issues

    See more details on the draft programme here.  

    FEHRL has pre-booked rooms in two hotels as there is a big event taking place at the same time. Click here for more details about these hotels and make sure you book quickly!  

    Contact Isabelle Lucchini, FEHRL Events Officer, with any questions  and we look forward to seeing you there!

     Call for presentations

    Although the programme for FIRM15 is filling up fast, there is still some limited capacity for you to present your project or initiative. 
    In conjunction or as an alternative to this, you can exhibit this project or initiative for a small cost at an exhibition to take place during the whole of FIRM15.  
    If you are interested, submit your abstract or proposal for the exhibition to Isabelle Lucchini by the deadline of 15th February 2015

    ENCORD Health and Safety Workshop November 2014

    December 27th, 2014

    The ENCORD Health & Safety working group met 18-19 November 2014 in Munich (Germany), hosted by Hilti. 16 participants from 13 companies attended the workshop.

    The meeting included:

    - Discussion about H&S Platform.
    - Presentation of the workgroup Near Misses.
    - Presentation of best practice examples including discussion.
    - Presentation of the participant’s H&S data according to the ENCORD KPI guide.
    - International HSE Conference Hilti; Behavioral based safety (BBS).

    Thank you

    ENCORD would like to thank the host Hilti and especially Petra Kocianova and Peter Cavada and their team for hosting this excellent and very well organized meeting and event.

    Next meeting

    The next ENCORD Health & Safety Platform meeting will be hosted by Doka on the 6-7 April 2015 in Amstetten (Austria).


    ENCORD Council Meeting November 2014

    December 4th, 2014

    The ENCORD Council Meeting was held on 17-18 November 2014 in DHL Facilities in Leipzig, Germany. 22 participants from 17 member companies attended the meeting.

    The meeting included:

    - Welcome by the President of ENCORD.
    - Election of the new ENCORD Presidium.
    - ENCORD-ECTP Brussels Conference: Results and impressions of the workshops.
    - Update ENCORD workshops: Lean, VCP, H&S and Environment.
    - Information about new groups.
    - ENCORD – upcoming meetings and workshops and next Council Meetings.
    - Link the Council with the WG.
    - New members: Membership development. Read the rest of this entry »