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    A Brief Introduction to ENCORD

    The European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (ENCORD) is a network of active members from the construction industry, represented by decision-makers and executives working on research, development and innovation (R,D&I) and providing service to experts and the operational sides within the member companies. ENCORD has 20 members with head offices in 13 European countries and operations worldwide. All members are major European contractors and/or suppliers of construction material and are strongly devoted to R,D&I for increased competitiveness and growth.

    The member companies are found regularly in the Top 50 European and Global Contractor lists and all together employ over 1.15 Million people and have combined annual revenue of over 205 Billion Euro.

    The ENCORD “Council” is responsible for setting the ENCORD strategy and is a forum for discussion and debate on R&D priorities and the development of the construction sector. The Council also discusses common research issues, European R&D funding and project proposals.

    At an expert level, ENCORD regularly organises workshops on topics of high priority for construction companies. Participants represent the whole European research community, including construction companies, suppliers, end-users, research institutes and universities. Members are involved in many key sector projects and initiatives, such as the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and the Energy Efficient Buildings initiative (E2B). ENCORD is also a member of the “European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation (ECCREDI)”.