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    ENCORD Video

    October 21st, 2014

    ENCORD was founded in 1989. ENCORD is Europe’s forum for industry-led research, development and innovation in the construction sector. Our members are leading construction companies and suppliers from all over Europe.

    To celebrate our 25th anniversary a video has been created where you can see ENCORD’s companies, visions and activities:

    ENCORD Video


    May 7th, 2014

    After Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Brussels and Warsaw, the European Construction Technology Platform is organizing its 6th Conference at SQUARE BRUSSELS Meeting Centre in central Brussels, jointly with ENCORD (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development) and ENBRI (European Network of Building Research Institutes), and with the support of ECCREDI (European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation).

    This event co-locates with Building Test Expo 2014. ECTP Conference delegates and Expo Exhibitors will thus benefit from exclusive networking opportunities

    Click here to download the Provisional Programme.

    Click here to download the Provisional Sessions.

    The objective of this conference, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of ECTP and the 25th anniversaries of both ENCORD and ENBRI, will be to identify the main challenges and to shape the future horizons of the built environment in the coming 25 years. How to develop and implement innovation in the built environment to reinforce its level of performance and to boost its global mission, while keeping its traditional and cultural feature? How to increase its positive impacts on life quality, economy growth and job creation, while keeping a sustainable attitude? How to develop cooperation between the construction sector, which is the main actor of the creation and maintenance of the built environment, and all other stakeholders (from industry or society) to follow a coherent, integrated and effective roadmap?

    The Conference will allow getting high level visions from experts on the various facets. It will merge conceptual discussions with more technical debates. It will assess the role of the built environment and the construction sector in the current Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, as well as in the more long term horizons of several EU policies. It will also allow stakeholders from industry, research and society to meet, to exchange ideas and to get prepared to current opportunities offered by Horizon 2020.

    Themes and issues
    Various themes and issues will be tackled during Parallel Sessions such as:

    •How will the development of Transport in Europe affect the Built Environment?
    •How will mobility issues shape cities?
    •Transforming cities to energy plant
    •How to make the city self-sustainable?
    •Can a building become autonomous?
    •How can we sale resources needed by the built environment?
    •How the digital society will change the built environment and the construction sector?
    •Managing risks in the built environment
    •Can we make the built environment affordable?
    •How to make the built environment suitable for an inclusive society?
    •How to value the impacts of research on the built environment?
    •Consequences of education

    9th ENCORD Lean Construction Workshop April 2014

    April 23rd, 2014

    The Lean Construction work group had its 9th meeting in Liechtenstein, April 2-3, hosted by HILTI AG.

    The main topics of the meeting were:

    • How to get it implemented and sustainable
    • Leadership and time to improve
    • Visibility and lean – keep momentum
    • How to keep the energy going – change management
    • Get new input in the way we work, learn in other industry
    • How do we convince others in our organisation – change management
    • Leadership and management support
    • How to get the management fascinated by lean
    • Learn about the domain of leadership – main aspects. Situational leadership along the lean journey.
    • How quick does the change take for construction companies
    • First steps of lean for Hilti
    • How the lean as an operations strategy is incorporated with the rest of the company strategies
    • Organizational impact
    • Cultural impact – how is this integrated with HR

    Next meeting:

    Next Lean Construction meeting which will be hosted by Ballast-Nedam in the Netherlands, October 14-15.

    ENCORD Council Meeting February 2013

    March 1st, 2014

    The February 2014 ENCORD Council meeting was held on 24-25 February 2014 in Vienna, Austria, hosted by Strabag-Zublin. 21 participants from 12 member companies attended the meeting.

    The meeting included:

    -       Welcome by the CEO of the Strabag Group and presentation about ENCORD.
    -       Workshop on successful innovation including:
                  – Ballast Nedam presentation.
                  – Hochtief presentation.
                  - Round table discussion on successful innovation in the construction sector. Special guests from the board of Strabag Group.
                  – Summary and conclusions.

    -       A visit to an office tower in Vienna-“Passive house” energy standard.
    -       Teixeira Duarte as a new member: Overview of the company.
    -       Proposal for legal structure for ENCORD.
    -       June Council Meeting: 25th Anniversary event.
    -       November Council Meeting: hosted by DHL.
    -       A review of the Health & Safety workshop November 2013 and Environmental workshop February 2014, and possibility of a new group “Risk management in construction”.
    -       Membership development.
    -       An update from the Transformation plan of ECTP.
    -       Overview of upcoming events (dates, location, topics).
    -       ENCORD Participation in TRA.
    -       Some internal ENCORD topics. 

    Thank you
    ENCORD would like to thank the host Norbert Pralle, Head of R&D&I, and Rainer Bareiss, Division Manager Turnkey Construction, for hosting this excellent meeting.
    Next meeting
    The next ENCORD Council Meeting will be in Brussels Belgium, 17th June 2014.

    ENCORD Environmental Sustainability Meeting February 2014

    February 15th, 2014

    Experts from ENCORD member companies met on 4 February 2014, hosted by Vinci in Paris, France.

    17 participants from 14 member companies attended the workshop.

    The main topics of the meeting were: 

    - Feedback from Council Meeting and Three Year Plan.

    - Outputs from last Council meeting discussed.

    - Key work areas agreed as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Health and Safety Workshop November 2013

    February 7th, 2014

    The ENCORD Health & Safety working group met 20 to 21 November 2013 in Helsinki (Findland), hosted by YIT. 18 participants from 14 companies attended the workshop.

    The meeting included:

    - Workshops regarding “Return on prevention”, “Near misses” and “Awareness/behavior”.
    - Presentation of the workshop results.
    - Presentation of the participant’s H&S data according to the ENCORD KPI guide.
    - Presentation of best practice examples including discussion.
    - A site visit to a YIT project in Helsinki including discussion about the findings.

    Thank you
    ENCORD would like to thank the host YIT for hosting this excellent and well organized meeting.

    Next meeting
    The next ENCORD Health & Safety Platform meeting will be hosted in SQUARE – BRUSSELS MEETING CENTRE, Brussels, connected to ENCORD 25th anniversary event.

    ENCORD and ENBRI’s 25th anniversary and ECTP’s 10th anniversary Event

    January 5th, 2014

    capturada 5

    ENCORD and the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Building Test Expo (June 17th-19th 2014, Brussels). The ECTP-E2BA Conference 2014, organised jointly with ENCORD and ENBRI, will co-locate with Building Test Expo in central Brussels this coming June.

    Click here to download the Provisional Programme.

    Click here to download the Provisional Sessions.

    The meetings, running in tandem, will support the two event’s mutual goals of driving innovation, sustainability and competitiveness within the European construction industry. The 2014 meeting celebrates ENCORD and ENBRI’s 25th anniversary and the ECTP’s 10th anniversary, making this a milestone year for the event. In addition to this, participants to the ECTP-E2BA Conference will have full access to Building Test Expo, an event dedicated to construction product testing and certification, and the chance to network with hundreds of qualified decision-makers within the construction testing area.

    Building Test Expo, supported by ECTP, will pave the way for an improved and more cost effective route to evaluation and certification. With harmonised standards a key talking point, the exhibition hall will provide a vital central location for the co-located events.

    In addition to thousands of buyers in the construction industry attending Building Test Expo 2014, the European Organisation for Technical Assessment’s (EOTA) General Assembly is also set to take place June 17th and 18th. ENCORD and ECTP members can meet with EOTA delegates who will also have full access to Building Test Expo. Together these events form the most influential meeting held to date on the subject matter.

    Building Test Expo brings together Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs), Testing Laboratories, Universities and Testing Product Manufacturers in a focused exhibition, which will be attended by construction product manufacturers looking for the latest testing methods, instruments and certification processes which aid product development and innovation.

    ENCORD and ECTP members are invited to participate in the exhibition, which will host the largest selection of TABs and Certification Laboratories ever assembled in an exhibition environment specifically focused on construction products testing and certification for construction product manufacturers.

    ENCORD Council Meeting November 2013

    December 2nd, 2013

    The November 2013 ENCORD Council Meeting was held on 11-12 November 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by NCC. 22 participants from 15 member companies attended the meeting.
    The meeting included: Read the rest of this entry »

    Tekla European BIM Forum 2014-February 13-14 I Berlin, Germany

    November 22nd, 2013


    The building and construction industry faces many challenges. It requires companies to constantly adapt to new circumstances, be more efficient and produce less waste. The process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is today viewed as the key method to transform the industry and give companies the competitive edge they need. The Tekla European BIM Forum 2014 explores the possibilities of this revolution and brings you the insights and strategies for success.

    The Tekla European BIM Forum 2014 is a high profile industry and networking event, aiming to educate decision makers in the European building and construction industry about the possibilities and opportunities of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The forum gives participants the opportunity to learn about current trends, the strategies and success stories of other companies and meet new, like-minded business connections.

    This year’s BIM Forum focuses on three central themes, examining the standards, strategies and processes for the successful implementation and utilization of BIM. We are proud to present three renowned key note speakers for these themes, which will share their insights and experience.

    KEY THEMES: Read the rest of this entry »

    25th meeting ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform October 2013

    October 20th, 2013

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their 25th meeting on 14-15 October 2013 in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The workshop was organized by Hilti.
    13 participants from 8 member companies attended the workshop, and 4 participating guests from ENCORD companies:
    -       Bouwconnect (KPN – De Twee Snoeken) (2 participants)
    -       Hartmann Technologies (1 participant)
    -       Nemetschek – Scia (1 participant)
    -       Tekla (1 participant)

    TOTAL 5 participating guests from stakeholder companies.

    The main topics of the meeting were:
    -       BIM and Suppliers / BIM and Lean

    • Welcome and Introduction by Hilti
    • Welcome by VCP vice-chairman
    • Update visit to BIM Conferences
    • Bouwconnect – Woonconnect
    • Tour Hilti plant – Lean Manufacturing
    • Best Practice Presentation Hilti
    • Nemetschek BIM+
    • Workshop on BIM and the role of suppliers

    -       Workshop questions on BIM and role of suppliers:

    • Who needs what level of detail in modeling?
    • For what benefits / why?
    • What are specific barriers to implementation?

    -       Workshop results:

    • Supplier should provide all LOD’s
    • Meta data as important as graphics
    • Meta data applicable for whole lifecycle
    • Include attributes with logistic data
    • Include “contractual” information
    • Product libraries must be Open Source
    • Product libraries should be accessible in the field (on site)
    • Next to product libraries also Tool libraries can be developed

    -       Best Practices, Updates and Guest presentations

    • Brainstorm next meetings (Menno de Jonge)
    • Presentation Tekla Infrastructure (Martin Kriz)
    • Presentation Hartmann Technologies (Mark Heinisch)
    • Best Practive Presentations:
    • Ballast Nedam (Menno de Jonge)
    • Vinci UK (Jeff Stephens)
    • Hochtief (Jan Tulke)
    • Uponor (Rudi Geier)
    • NCC (Maria Freeney)
    • Bouygues (Eric Tournez)
    • Vinci FR (Jean Baptiste Valette)
    • Discussion and wrap up

    Thank you
    ENCORD VCP would like to thank the host Hilti for making this excellent meeting possible.

    Next meeting:
    April 2014, hosted by Microsoft in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    8th ENCORD Lean Construction Workshop October 2013

    October 20th, 2013

    The Lean Construction work group had its 8th meeting in Duisburg, 8-9th of October, hosted by Hochtief and Cai Von Velsen. The aim for the meeting was to focus on Lean leadership as this is perceived as one of the most important factors when starting the transformation towards Lean construction. The objectives for the meeting was to find a definition of what Lean leadership is and in what respect that differs from other leadership.

    There were interesting presentations on the topic followed by a workshop having a deeper dialog trying to identify characteristics for leadership as well as lean leadership. Highlights from presentations are:

    • Corporate culture and teamwork – essential ingredients
    • Common goals
    • Foundations of lean – cooperation and leadership
    • “Every manager is a coach – we do not have traditional managers anymore”
    • No blame culture – failures are not ever individuals
    • Lean just do not happen – it is a matter of shift in mind-set
    • Lean is not about process it is about people
    • All leaders – Go to Gemba
    • Lean leadership is about getting people leading their own processes
    • Lean Coaches and lean managers to train and support

     At the 9th of October the construction site of new administrative building at Düsseldorf airpor was visited. 

     The conclusions and topics for next meeting are:

    • Engagement in supply-chain -  Suppliers involvement
    • Client engagement
    • Define characteristics / behavior
    • Why do we have difficulties to reach managers – How to reach “sticky middle“
    • Means to how to reach managers
    • Stories of success
    • Levels of trust – How we measure trust?
    • How to link lean to balance score card?
    • Which CPI for lean are the rights?

    Thank you
    Encord would like to thank the host Hochtief, for making this excellent meeting and the site visit possible.

    Next meeting
    Next meeting will be hosted by Hilti 2-3rd of April in Lichtenstein.


    ENCORD Environmental Sustainability Meeting October 2013

    October 4th, 2013

    Experts from ENCORD member companies met on 1st October 2013, hosted by FCC in Madrid, Spain.

    23 participants from 13 member companies attended the workshop to discuss:

    - Introduction to FCC.
    - Actions from Previous Meeting:
           • ENCORD Waste Measurement Protocol
           • Waste CO2e conversion factors
           • Water measurement Protocol
           • ENCORD Sustainability Charter
           • BIM and sustainability.
    - Chemsec Presentation – Chemsec (International Chemical Secretariat).
    - Presentation on Swedish project on Assessment of Environmental Performance EN 15978, and Environmental Product Declarations EN 15804.
    - ISO/TC59/SC17/WG5 and CEN/TC350/WG6 both working on the sustainability of Civil Engineering Works.
    - Open House Biodiversity Indicators.

    The agenda for the next meeting 4th February 2014 – To be hosted by Vinci in Paris will include: Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Council Meeting June 2013

    June 26th, 2013

    The June 2013 ENCORD Council meeting was held on 24-25 June 2013 in Hamburg, Germany, hosted by Hochtief. 21 participants from 15 member companies attended the meeting.

    The meeting included: Read the rest of this entry »

    Construction Waste Measurement Protocol

    June 25th, 2013

    Construction Waste Measurement ProtocolThe following measurement protocol document has been developed by the members of ENCORD (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development), along with partners from other like-minded worldwide construction organisations, and details the methodology for the measurement and reporting of waste from construction activities. The document also supplements the ENCORD Construction CO2e Measurement Protocol, as the data produced can be used for the calculation of Scope 3 CO2e emissions for emission source 10.

    Guidance is provided on how to measure waste arisings, and reuse, recycling and recovery from construction, demolition and excavation on construction projects, as well as waste from construction company premises, with a view that companies will report their waste production publicly. The document identifies the scope and recommended levels of waste reporting, and also requires users to identify the disposal routes for the construction waste produced. The document is also intended to assist companies in reducing waste production from specific construction related activities from current and future work undertaken.

    This document will be updated from time to time to take account of any new standards or changes to current methodologies.

    Click here to download the Protocol.

    ENCORD Environmental Sustainability Meeting May 2013

    June 4th, 2013

    On the 21 May 2013 Environmental Sustainability Experts from ENCORD companies met in Stockholm, hosted by Skanska.
    20 participants from 11 member companies attended the workshop.
    Topics of the meeting included:
    -       Skanska Introduction Movie
    -       ENCORD Waste Measurement Guide
    -       Feedback from BIM Group Discussions
    -       Waste CO2e Conversion Factors
    -       Water Measurement
    -       ENCORD Sustainability Charter
    -       Update to the Construction CO2e Protocol
    -       Future Work Areas
    There were four presentations: Read the rest of this entry »