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Health & Safety

“Shortcuts cut life short.” – Unknown

Working Group Initiatives

Being a part of the ENCORD Health and Safety Working Group you benefit from participating in a strong network of Health and Safety professionals, who share experiences and best practices in a positive and engaging atmosphere in the working group and between ENCORD member companies.

In our experience the participation in this Working Group adds value in form of:

  • Access to benchmarks with the leading European construction companies

  • Inspiration for organizational improvements and development of the safety culture

  • Sharing of best practices for implementing safer and more productive work processes

  • Cost reductions due to more efficient work processes (and less accidents)

  • Added brand value as a safe company (best in class

In ENCORD we believe in principle that all accidents and work-related illnesses can be eliminated, by building a culture of risk awareness and best practice sharing and develop the work environment as an integrated part of the business strategy, and many ENCORD member companies have dedicated taskforces to focus on creating healthy and safe workplaces.

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