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    Tekla European BIM Forum 2014-February 13-14 I Berlin, Germany

    November 22nd, 2013


    The building and construction industry faces many challenges. It requires companies to constantly adapt to new circumstances, be more efficient and produce less waste. The process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is today viewed as the key method to transform the industry and give companies the competitive edge they need. The Tekla European BIM Forum 2014 explores the possibilities of this revolution and brings you the insights and strategies for success.

    The Tekla European BIM Forum 2014 is a high profile industry and networking event, aiming to educate decision makers in the European building and construction industry about the possibilities and opportunities of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The forum gives participants the opportunity to learn about current trends, the strategies and success stories of other companies and meet new, like-minded business connections.

    This year’s BIM Forum focuses on three central themes, examining the standards, strategies and processes for the successful implementation and utilization of BIM. We are proud to present three renowned key note speakers for these themes, which will share their insights and experience.

    KEY THEMES: Read the rest of this entry »

    25th meeting ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform October 2013

    October 20th, 2013

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their 25th meeting on 14-15 October 2013 in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The workshop was organized by Hilti.
    13 participants from 8 member companies attended the workshop, and 4 participating guests from ENCORD companies:
    -       Bouwconnect (KPN – De Twee Snoeken) (2 participants)
    -       Hartmann Technologies (1 participant)
    -       Nemetschek – Scia (1 participant)
    -       Tekla (1 participant)

    TOTAL 5 participating guests from stakeholder companies.

    The main topics of the meeting were:
    -       BIM and Suppliers / BIM and Lean

    • Welcome and Introduction by Hilti
    • Welcome by VCP vice-chairman
    • Update visit to BIM Conferences
    • Bouwconnect – Woonconnect
    • Tour Hilti plant – Lean Manufacturing
    • Best Practice Presentation Hilti
    • Nemetschek BIM+
    • Workshop on BIM and the role of suppliers

    -       Workshop questions on BIM and role of suppliers:

    • Who needs what level of detail in modeling?
    • For what benefits / why?
    • What are specific barriers to implementation?

    -       Workshop results:

    • Supplier should provide all LOD’s
    • Meta data as important as graphics
    • Meta data applicable for whole lifecycle
    • Include attributes with logistic data
    • Include “contractual” information
    • Product libraries must be Open Source
    • Product libraries should be accessible in the field (on site)
    • Next to product libraries also Tool libraries can be developed

    -       Best Practices, Updates and Guest presentations

    • Brainstorm next meetings (Menno de Jonge)
    • Presentation Tekla Infrastructure (Martin Kriz)
    • Presentation Hartmann Technologies (Mark Heinisch)
    • Best Practive Presentations:
    • Ballast Nedam (Menno de Jonge)
    • Vinci UK (Jeff Stephens)
    • Hochtief (Jan Tulke)
    • Uponor (Rudi Geier)
    • NCC (Maria Freeney)
    • Bouygues (Eric Tournez)
    • Vinci FR (Jean Baptiste Valette)
    • Discussion and wrap up

    Thank you
    ENCORD VCP would like to thank the host Hilti for making this excellent meeting possible.

    Next meeting:
    April 2014, hosted by Microsoft in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    25th ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform April 2013

    April 16th, 2013

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform (VCP) met in Helsinki, hosted by SKANSKA for their 25th meeting on 15 and 16 April 2013. Well over 20 participants from 15 member companies joined the meeting.

    The main topics of the meeting were:
    - Skanska welcome
    - Best Practices / What’s new presentations
    - Update on ENCORD Platforms Sustainability and Lean Construction
    - Workshop on meeting theme (collaboration with other ENCORD Platforms)
    - Update on Standards: IFD NL (CB-NL), openINFRA
    - Update other networks: 5D-Initiative, 5Di Software Vendor Workshop Athens
    - Presentation on EU R&D projects: Hesmos, eBSN
    - Presentation by new participants: Uponor, OHL

    During the two day ENCORD VCP meeting Best Practice / What’s new Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform October 2012

    October 19th, 2012

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their twenty-fourth meeting on 15 and 16 October 2012 in Madrid, Spain. The workshop was organized by Acciona.

    The main topics of the meeting were:
    - Best Practices / What’s new presentations
    - Workshop on topic collecting and using Metrics \ Get LinkedIn group working
    - Update on Standards: COBie 2.0, IFD – Pilot Projects NL, openINFRA, COBIM 2012
    - Update other networks: 5Di – workshop with vendors, BIM Summit Qatar, BIM Forum event
    - Technologies: Cloud Computing, Solibri developments, Gehry Technologies

    During the two day ENCORD VCP meeting Best Practice / What’s new presentations were Read the rest of this entry »

    Review of ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform meeting April 2012

    April 18th, 2012

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform (VCP) met for their twenty-third meeting on 16 and 17 April 2012 in Bunnik, The Netherlands. The workshop was hosted by Royal BAM Group.

    The main theme of the meeting was the definition of five new knowledge exchange topics for the ENCORD VCP meetings in the next three years (2012 – 2015). The new topics were based on: progress review, updates on several R&D projects and Best Practices. The discussion about future topics also included a look back into the ENCORD VCP past: Since starting in 2000, the group covered many aspects related to BIM: Roadmapping, Infrastructure, Model Based Estimation, Progress Monitoring, Client Interaction, PLM Systems, Standardization, Energy Simulations, Virtual Reality techniques, Field BIM, BIM for Operation & Maintenance, Internal Organization & Procedures, etc.

    Other topics of the meeting included Read the rest of this entry »

    Close cooperation between the 5D Initiative and leading software companies

    May 13th, 2011

    Stuttgart, Germany. April 21, 2011 — The 5D Initiative (5Di), founded and working as an independent think tank and task force within the ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform, announced that collaboration with Autodesk Inc (Autodesk), Bentley Systems Incorporated (Bentley), Computers and Communication Technology International (CCT), RIB Software AG (RIB) and Tekla Corporation (Tekla) is moving forward to incorporate pragmatic requirements for a 5Di solution, which is the amplification of BIM solutions for contractors to ensure higher process integration from very early design, engineering, fabrication and construction to operation & maintenance.

    The 5D Initiative was launched in 2008 with the goal of describing common requirements of the European construction industry for the development of new innovative tools by the hard and software industry. Since 2008, the 5D Initiative has had several discussions with leading software companies to recognize and analyze the requirements of the more advanced and fully-integrated 5D solutions.

    Based on the shared requirements from the 5D Initiative and the strategic discussions so far, Autodesk, Bentley, CCT, RIB, Tekla and the 5D Initiative have reached a common understanding about BIM for construction. This led to a plan for taking the existing cooperation to the next level with the goal of reflecting the practical needs of higher process integration in the whole life-cycle in construction.

    Click here to read the full PRESS RELEASE.

    ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform meeting April 2011

    April 12th, 2011

    The ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform met for their twenty-first meeting on 11 and 12 April 2011 in Essen, Germany. The workshop was organized by Hochtief ViCon.

    The main theme of the meeting was “Open Exchange Standards and Requirements”. The meeting was divided in two parts: Read the rest of this entry »

    ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform meeting October 2010

    October 1st, 2010

    The 20th ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform (VCP) meeting was held in Paris, hosted by Bouygues.   

    The topics of this meeting of the ENCORD VCP platform included:
    -          RIB iTwo – update which process steps of virtual construction can be executed using the RIB iTwo suite and presentation of RIB as company
    -          Introduction to the Centre for Construction Innovation and Research of Teesside University in Middlesborough, UK and their work and research projects (Prof. Nashwan Dawood).
    -          Digital Progress Monitoring, using GIS, Google Earth 4D etc: presentation of on-site experience by HOCHTIEF using their Middle East “Barwa Commercial Avenue” project in Qatar.
    -          Field BIM: presentation of Artra on adding construction and lifecycle data to make models ‘intelligent’, including the use of tracking using RFID’s etc.
    -          Presentation on developments of Autodesk in respect to Reality capturing and Augmented Reality / Revit
    -          Overview of current developments of the 5D initiative (5Di)
    -          Best practice presentations and company introductions by Balfour Beatty, BAM, Bouygues, VINCI, Hochtief, Ballast Nedam, YIT and Skanska.

    ENCORD would like to thank the host Pierre Benning of Bouygues for making this excellent meeting possible.

    ENCORD Virtual construction Platform Meeting

    October 12th, 2009

    12-13 October 2009 | Helsinki, Finnland

    The 19th ENCORD VCP meeting was held at YIT’s head office in Helsinki in Finland. 25 participants discussed
    - YIT – Vico software in practice \ developments
    - Presentations by Vendors: Solibri, Jotne EPM, D-Rofus
    - Update on 5Di progress
    - Best practices / what’s new by participants

    ENCORD Virtual construction Platform Meeting

    April 21st, 2009

    21-22 April 2009 | Copenhagen, Denmark

    The 18th ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform (VCP) meeting was held at NCC’s head office in Copenhagen, Denmark 21-22 April 2009. Prior to the ENCORD VCP meeting an ENCORD 5D Initiative meeting was held on Monday the 20th of April.
    The ingredients of the meeting of the ENCORD VCP were:
    - A presentation by NCC about their BIM implementation and the influence of the Danish government on BIM in construction;
    - A presentation by Eurostep on an “Open Information Platform” to collaborate and exchange information from BIM and Document Management Systems between partners in the construction process. Eurostep is the replacement for Oracle in the InPro project;
    - A presentation by the General Secretary of ENCORD (Jens-Peter Grunau) on ENCORD and the current eight focus topics and the ENCORD strategy;
    - A presentation by Ballast Nedam on the implementation and use of IBM Maximo at Ballast Nedam’s Operations & Maintenance company;
    - A series of “Bad Practices” and “What’s new” presentations by all present ENCORD VCP members. We chose to have the members present a “Bad Practice” presentation instead of “Best Practice” presentations, to inform each other about things that go wrong in our Virtual Construction projects, and about the actions taken to prevent this in the future.

    Virtual Construction workshop

    June 1st, 2004

    Hosted by: Hochtief, 1 June 2004

    Virtual construction is a major international trend in the construction industry. Already today, companies using virtual construction have business advantages over their competitors. In the near future this will change: Companies that do not use virtual construction will have a business disadvantage! This second ENCORD workshop on Virtual Construction brought together leading practitioners, researchers and software providers from all over the world.