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Health and Safety

The construction workforce across EU countries totals approximately 20 million people – equivalent to the whole population of a medium sized country in the EU. Statistically, each construction worker entering the industry at 20 years of age and working for 20 years currently has a 100% chance of being injured by an accident at work (source: ENCORD Council members, meeting February 2009).

Most of the accidents or fatalities could be avoidable.

Thus, the topic of Health & Safety on Construction Sites is of great relevance to the European Construction industry and many ENCORD member companies have dedicated taskforces to focus on this topic.

Yet the various companies have somewhat isolated viewpoints, the analysis and prevention of key accident causes is not based on a comparable, standardized approach and is also done on a different basis in different countries.

The ENCORD Health and Safety Group is working to find common approaches to the issue and to ensure the health and safety of our workforce and the public.

Below are brief summaries of the group´s meetings: