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    ENCORD Research and Development and Innovation focus areas

    Key issues facing the construction industry today.

    The construction sector is facing major challenges for continued quality-of-life and growth in Europe. From an industrial point of view, ENCORD has identified the following priorities which are discussed at regular council meetings, specific ENCORD workshops and platforms:

    – Eco-efficient Construction
    – Mastering Greenhouse Gas Emissions und Sustainability
    – Knowledge Management (KM)
    – Lean Construction
    – ICT for Virtual construction
    – Infrastructure
    – Health & Safety (H&S)
    – The implications of the Aging Society for the construction sector
    – Implementation of Research Activities

    Read on to learn more about how we define some of these subjects and how ENCORD approaches them:

    Eco-efficient / Sustainable Construction

    This focus area is about reducing the impact of the built environment and construction processes on the eco-system. Topics include defining new construction materials, manufacturing technologies and production processes for new materials that have new properties, an optimised life-cycle and thus minimum impact.

    ENCORD has held workshops on Sustainable Construction and Energy & Buildings and actively supports the Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) initiative.

    Health & Safety (H&S)

    This focus area is about ensuring the on and off site health and safety of both workers and citizens. The first ENCORD workshop on Health & Safety was successfully held and the follow up workshop is being planned. Click here for more information.

    Lean Construction Management (LCM)

    The construction itself and the delivery or building process should be planned including all those involved, aiming at maximizing value, reducing lead times while reducing waste in complex projects. The focus is on the whole projects and not on just speeding up individual steps or reducing individual costs, that might lead to increased costs elsewhere and on stimulating a long term scope and creating a partnership with those involved.

    ENCORD supports the implementation of lean principles in the member companies by discussing the objective and best approaches as well as sharing experience with Lean Construction. Several successful ENCORD workshops on the topic have been delivered in the past two years. Click here for more information on the group´s work.

    Knowledge Management (KM)

    The basic objective of Knowledge Management is obtaining and creating the right knowledge for the right people at the right time at the right place. Working sessions have been held and the first workshop was delivered in 2009.

    Mastering Green House Gases Emissions

    This area focuses on corporate responsibility regarding CO2 emission and reduction policies.

    The idea is to facilitate a dialogue, supported by sound facts, toward a rational reaction to climate change. ENCORD members are paying high attention to this subject. Workshops have been held and follow-up activities are being developed. Key players, like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), are being indentified and an active dialogue is being facilitated.

    The very active CO2 working group has established a common ENCORD CO2 measuring protocol. Find out more about the group and the document by clicking here.


    ENCORD promotes a sustainable industrial approach to developing reliable, maintainable and sustainable infrastructure with a maximum life span and a minimum environmental impact. This includes network systems (highways, railways, waterways, air traffic) and utilities (water, sewage, gas, electricity).

    With ENCORD activities focussing on the transport of people and goods, ENCORD is aiming to create space in congested cities by promoting underground infrastructure. Highway Maintenance & Management have also been topics for workshops.

    Virtual Construction & Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

    This focus area is about developing tools and methods for design (3D/4D/nD), for construction support and control as well as for lifecycle maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.

    ENCORD members have created the ENCORD Virtual Construction platform and the “5Dinitiative”, groups within ENCORD that meet regularly to discuss and develop all related issues. One aim is to also identify the specific user demands of a sustainable construction industry on ICT and to communicate these demands to the key players in the soft- and hardware industry. Click here for more information on the group´s work.

    Implementation of the Results of Research Activities

    It is a constant process to incorporate the results and ideas of the research into every-day work. This area focuses on measuring the value of research results, their use in enterprise policy decision-making and maximising exploitation strategies, thus helping to increase the benefits of research in everyday work.

    ENCORD has released a first draft of a position paper addressing these issues. This position paper is available for download here.