ENCORD workshops

ENCORD organises workshops to exchange information on state-of-the-art in construction research and to set the agenda for future activities. With participants from ENCORD members, ECCREDI members, universities, and clients, the workshops represent the whole European research community.

Current workshops and meetings are listed on the right side bar.

The results of some of the Working groups and the ENCORD Council Meetings can be found by going to the following pages:

ENCORD Council Meetings

ENCORD CO2 and Sustainability

ENCORD Health and Safety

ENCORD Lean Construction

ENCORD Virtual Construction Platform

A CO2-measurement protocol and Waste protocol have been developed by the members of ENCORD along with partners from other like minded worldwide construction organisations, to detail the method to be used when measuring the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of an organisation within the construction sector. Click here to learn more about the background and to download a copy of the documents.